Tolia Group of Companies

Tolia Group of companies is a family owned group established since the 1979. The group has been manufacturing steel balls, Taper roller bearing, taper Roller and cylindrical rollers for some of the leading industries in the 21st generation with cutting edge technology and with a will to serve the best quality products and services.

The Group consists of 3 manufacturing plants in today's date which are all based in Mumbai.

The group essentially consists of:

1. Needumbra Industries Pvt Ltd (Established in 1979) – Ball Plant
2. Forward Precision Engineers Pvt Ltd (Establish in 1987) – Ball Plant
3. Tolia Industries (Established in 1992) – Taper & Cylindrical roller unit
4. Tolia Balls & Rollers LLP – Balls & Rollers unit
All the 4 plants listed above are fully certifies with the ISO 9001, TS16949 & ISO 14001.

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Needumbra Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • Established Year : 1979
  • STEEL BALLS (size : 2.50mm to 8.00mm & 1/8" to 5/16")
  • Capacity (Tons/Month) : 50

Forward Precision Engrs. Pvt. Ltd.

  • Established Year : 1987
  • STEEL BALLS (size : 3.00mm to 75 mm & 1/8" to 3")
  • Capacity (Tons/Month) : 240

Tolia Industries

  • Established Year : 1993
  • STEEL TAPER & CYLINDRICAL ROLLERS (Dia. Min.8 mm to Max.45 mm & Length 8mm to 45 mm)
  • Capacity (Tons/Month) : 300

Tolia Overseas

  • Established Year : 2000
  • For Trading Films for Exporting Group Products
  • Capacity (Tons/Month) : --

The group has a total of 400 hard working, extremely well trained and skilled set of employee's. We believe in complete awareness and implementation of philosophy of "Continual improvement for customer satisfaction" and this is a thought process which is being maintained across the entire group by using the Six Sigma and Total quality management techniques during the distribution of our products and services.

We take great pride in developing and retaining some of the worlds leading industries and will continue to do so.