Market Solutions

Tolia is one of the Global leader's in manufacturing technology and supply of precision rolling elements component solutions for a variety end applications, depending on the nature of the industry. We take great pride in helping our customers with inventory management, technical support, and of course we most certainly take great pride in the customer service that we are able to provide to our valued customers. We help channel a customers requiremetns starting from the concept and we help them excecute their ideas with our technical know how! We have been actively taking part in energy, automotive, medical, cosmetic, industrial, grinding media, Renewable Energy and also cateer to several other markets apart from the ones listed. We are the right partners to choose for the highest level of efficiency and reliability.


Helping Keep the World A Better Place

At Tolia, we are 100% focused on keeping the environmental aspects on the top most priority. We at present supply Cylindrical Rollers to some of the biggest names in the Bearing industry and in return these companies supply bearing to the Windmill industry, which really makes the world a better place to live in. At Tolia, we take this business on the top most of priorities as we believe that the future is what we do in the present. We are expanding our horizons on this front and assure you that we will be the name in the coming future to be your right source of supply chain.


The High flying experience

Tolia supplies precision steel balls for the industry, these balls are made out of the highest of precision standards as there is absolutely no room for error as you may imagine. These balls are usually used in the turbine engines, auxiliary power units, gearboxes, transmissions and so on. Tolia has the latest instruments for checking of the balls and this what provides us a competitive advantage along with our highly sophisticated ball manufacturing process.


Keeping the Vehicles refuelled at all times

We are all aware that the automotive segment of the worlds leading industry is the most demanding when it comes to the functioning of the components. At Tolia we take great pride in supplying some of the most critical parts that are actually required in this particular industry. Over the years we have developed a strong stand in this industry and are currently supplying to BMW, VW, Hyundai and the list goes on. We must at all times ensure that the precision components we manufacture are far superior to the actual customers drawing, thereby eliminating any risks on the first step itself. We offer balls and rollers in this field for the steering component, the bearing components, the fuel system components, the shafts and the list goes on. We are always open to new developments and offer our technical know how, wherever requested.


Providing Engineering solutions to keep your equipment at its peak

The most growing sector since the last 4 decades, we at Tolia have developed a certain steel that is currently being used in this sector and are most defintely the leading manufacturers of steel balls and rollers for this industry. We make steel balls and rollers as per the customers requested paramaters as well as on occasion give our suggestions to the leading companies in this field to enhance the use and life cycle of their equiment. We take great pride in participating in some of the worlds leading conferences. The applications are currently for subsea drilling and we are extremely well established in this area. The quality of the balls (material itself) is far superior to the quality you may receive in the market. We cateer to specific requiremetns at vast and are always active on keeping our machinery and testing equipment to the latest standards.


Quality Assured

This industry shouts out for only one thing in particular "Excellent cleanliness, quality, precision of the product and complete reliability on the manufacturer". We at Tolia can be counted upon when it boils down to the above statement. We have the state of the art cleaning facilities and are currently already supplying a vast number of stainless steel balls to the medical industry. We have been supplying stainless steel balls to some of the leadings names in this industry for medical devices, fitness equipment, X-ray tubes, pumps and so on. Our technical and know how as well as the fact that we know the requirements of this industry so well, will make us the right partner for you to rely upon.


Absolute quality along with precision testing

We are all aware that the Cosmetic industry is one of the biggest industries in the world today, the daily consumption of cosmetic products makes this one of the most growing industries there is up to date. We provide the industry with highly technical and well tested balls. This testing includes "salt spray testing" and "L'Oreal testing" to check the corrosion resistance on the balls. This plays the most important part as corrosion resistance is a key feature that this industry requires to perform upon, of course the surface quality of the balls you will find at Tolia will always be far superior to those competing. We take great pride in having state of the art in house testing facilities that align to todays growing international standards. The uses typically are for nail polish varnish, roll on's and aerosol pumps.


Highly engineered product solutions

The end use in the industrial sector is endless, and we cateer to almost every certain aspect. We supply balls for various industrial uses at present, Tolia's products are durable and this is how we help keep our customers equipment's on the highest levels of performance.